Monday, January 5


Finding a coat that I absolutely love and that fits me nicely it's not very easy because there's always something about it that I don't like. Even though I love my cardigan from Primark (SEE IT HERE) and I think it's really warm, the weather here is really windy, so a cardigan might not be the right solution and I went to look for something different!

Fortunately, sales have already started and I was able to find this lovely and very very warm coat on Pull & Bear on sale (39,99€ - 59,99€). I was so happy when I found this coat, especially because I set myself some limits in terms of money, so I was very lucky to find this beauty for a great price. A little detail that  I found really important for me was the removable white fur part because I have a sweater with the same texture and it looks ridiculously weird when used both at the same time, so I can just take it out and have a plain black coat to go with everything.

What do you thing about my new coat? Which type of coats/cardigans do you like the most?

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