Monday, January 19

Mac Lipstick in Diva

I am a newbie when it comes to MAC products but I am very happy with my first ever MAC lipstick because I knew I wanted it the second I saw it and I knew I'd love it. Choosing DIVA, a dark red shade, was playing safe but I was not very sure about the matte formula because I had never tried it before.

After applying it for the first time and using it for a few hours - the longevity of this lipstick is insane - it became a favorite. I absolutely love the color and the pigmentation (even though I like pretty much every reddish shade out there - not all but almost) and I really like the formula because it's the kind of finish that I truly enjoy. Some matte lipstick are very drying and a bit tricky to apply sometimes but this one is nothing like it.

It obviously a matte formula but it doesn't feel dry on the lips. However, I wouldn't recommend to use it if you have very dry or chapped lips, which is not difficult during winter time, because of the formula and especially because it is a dark shade and we all want it to look neat. If you plan to use it, I'd say exfoliate and apply a nice lip balm before that. 

After all I know I'll be getting a few more matte lipstick from MAC and maybe try other formulas (I prefer very pigmented lipsticks). Tell what shades and formulas you like the most and leave a few suggestions! 

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