Wednesday, January 14


We all need motivation in order to keep us trying and fighting for what we want but that not always easy. For those days when you don't have enough motivation and want to give up, I wrote this.

Never compare yourself to others at any time. Sometimes it feels like we're never getting there by looking at someone's accomplishments but we rarely think that they've worked very hard to be where they are for a long time. Besides, every single one of us is different and we all have different rhythms and routines.

Establish realistic goals. Establishing goals is what keeps us going forward because we always want more and more but if you establish crazy and unrealistic goals you may find yourself even less motivated than before. You can dream big but you can't expect thing to happen from day to night. Establish small goals and go up every time you accomplish one.

Be patient. In the beginning things can be frustrating because you're putting effort and time into it and you're not seeing any results. But you will if you keep trying and working hard because things need time and effort. 

Don't forget you started from zero. If the idea that you're going nowhere keeps popping in your mind, remind yourself that you started from zero and that you're now working hard to see results later. Everything you do is worth it and even if you're not happy where you are now, remember you're closer to accomplish your goals today than you were yesterday.

Keep in mind why you started. It doesn't matter where you are today, all that matters is why you started and if you're doing something to improve yourself. If you feel that it's not worth it anymore, try to remember why you thought it was worth it in the beginning and never forget it again.

I think these five simple tips can work for anyone and in any case. It applies to blogging, to school, to work, to be in better shape, to be healthier or anything else you wish. 

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