Friday, January 23


Someone that loves beauty and makeup should always know what it's essential and what it's not. Obviously everything is relative and it depends on you how you see things. When I sat down and thought about what beauty tools I am in need of there weren't many that I could remember of (also because I don't feel the need to use many tools) but there are at least four tools that I should have and that I don't.

Eyelash curlers are a simple tool with a simple purpose and big essential. I've been wanting to grab one for a while but there are so many around that it's difficult to pick. I don't want a curler that will break in pieces in a few weeks or that it doesn't do its job. If you are getting something, you better get something good. My eyelashes are very in a very light color and not very curved, mascara helps me a lot but sometimes I don't think that's enough because my lashes start getting back to their "normal position" after a few hours.

Concealer brush is something more than essential to me. Concealer is pretty much what I use on a daily basis because I don't like to use foundation, so concealer brushes are a must for me! I have to different concealer brushes but one of them broke and the other one is flat. I've learnt how to make it work but it's definitely not a favorite. I'm think of getting the Real Techniques Setting brush (even though it's not a actual concealer brush, many trusted youtubers and bloggers use it for that purpose) or the Zoeva Concealer Buffer.

Makeup Sponges are the tool. It's such a versatile tool, you can use it to blend foundation, concealer and just to set your makeup in place, everything with just a simple sponge. I like to use concealer brushes for under eyes and makeup sponge to blend any concealer on my forehead, nose or chin.

Tangle Teezer could be my best friend. I need to get one of these very very soon! My hair is very curled, so it can be a bit naughty sometimes. Now that's getting very long it's even easier for me to have nots everywhere. A tangle teezer would be perfect to help me, especially on those days when my hair doesn't want to cooperate at all.

Let me know what brush you use for concealer as I really need one very soon and tell me what tools you always need to have near you!

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