Tuesday, January 6


My not-so-big lipstick collection was full of reds and burgundies and I don't regret it because I find these colors to suit me but I decided to be a bit more brave (depending on the perspective) and finally add a nude lipstick to my little collection.

Because of my skin tone, not all nudes suit me, so I opted for an inexpensive lipstick in case I didn't like the color on me and I wouldn't feel as it was a big waste of money. Of course I had to choose one of Essence lipsticks because I love the formula and I completely love the ones I have. As I've seen many people talking about the 06 BARELY THERE! from their Long lasting Collection, I knew this was the one.

This colors look gorgeous on the lips and it reminds me a bit of Kylie Jenner lip color that everyone has been crazy for but this is more brownish than her exact color and it probably suits more people than the exact color.
The formula of this lipstick is always a semi-matte because it doesn't dry the lips but it looks slightly matte on. The color is buildable, so you can get a my-lips-but-better color and a intense nude color and I think that fascinating - it's almost like having two lipsticks in one. I always use this lipstick with the 06 SATIN MAUVE lip liner (also from Essence) because it's smooth, it doesn't drag the lips and of course helps the color to last longer.

If you haven't tried any Essence lipstick, you are definitely getting behind because I think they are a great product for such a bargain (less than 3€). Which drugstore lipsticks are your favorites?

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