Monday, January 12


There are always a few products that have never done anything to us but we never use them anyway, especially in busy times. I always tend to wear the same products on my face and create a routine because it's easier and quicker.

These last few days I've looking into my not-so-big lipstick collection and I found a few products that I didn't even remember I had and three of them I knew for instinct that I was wasting them and I should them way more.

Andreia Higicol 24
Rimmel Kate Moss 111 Kiss Of Life
Essence Stay Matt Lip Cream 03 Soft Nude

I featured two of the lipsticks on this post in my FALL/WINTER LIPSTICKS post a few while ago and then I completely forgot about them and never used them during this time. I think all these three shades suit me and I love their formulas a lot. The pink one is very moisturizing on the lips but the color last a good time too. The Rimmel one has more a dry formula without really drying out the lips, yet if you have very dried lips, use a moisturizer underneath. The lip cream from Essence is absolutely adorable: I love the shade, I love the formula and I love the easy application. Still, I never use these lip products because I always choose the same ones.

These last couple of weeks I've used the lip cream a few times and I really like it and I am absolutely sure that I won't forget it anymore but the other two lipsticks never end up being use. I want to change that and be able to create new looks with them. Besides, I don't want to feel like I've wasting my money.

I think changing is always positive and always bring us something new, so I very motivated to start to include these lip products on my daily make-up routine and make them some of my favorites because they surely have the potential.

Do you have any products that you like but you never remember you have them?

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