Wednesday, December 3


It's now December and Christmas is on the corner. I've never met a person that doesn't love Christmas and this year I am particularly excited about it. There are many things that make me happy and Christmas is one of them, let me tell you why.
Christmas is the only holiday that I genuinely get excited about probably because it's the only one since I was born that my family has always celebrated. Around this time of the year I always feel happy and more positive about life.

As I am still is school, Christmas also means "Christmas break" and I love that because I have time to be with my friends, my family and to go Christmas shopping. This year is my last year in school and it might not be so tiring as the last one but I definitely deserve some rest now and some good quality time with the ones I love.
Christmas has everything I love: food, family, excitement and happiness, cold weather and cosy clothes. Some people like to dress up for Christmas Eve but I'm not one of those. Obviously I don't walk around in my pyjamas, even though that would be very nice, but I like to wear a cosy Christmasy jumper and a pair of jeans.
Here at home, everyone has its own task but I always end up doing a bit of everything because that's what gets me into the holiday spirit. I always help my dad with Christmas decorations and every year gets better and better (sometimes we get into a little fight but seriously dads always think they know how to do this things, right?) and I always love the final result. Then it's time to jump to the kitchen and help my mum and my grandma to prepare all the delicious food and this is probably my favorite part because even my dad joins us most of the times and it truly is a family moment. Once everything is done, it's time to team "me & dad" set the table and we're all ready for dinner!
Dinner is that lovely time that can last for hours because everyone is having a little chat and snacking around after they eat their proper dinner. In my family, we don't give much attention to presents - we of course buy each others little gifts but for us the most important part of Christmas is being together and that's why I love Christmas so much!

What aspects do you love the most about Christmas?

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