Monday, December 22


Lip liners were a scary lip product for me. There were a few years during the 00's - when I was a child - that women used to line their lips with a dark plummy red and they apply a nude lipstick on the top of it: not the most flattering look.

Fortunately that trend is gone by now (and I hope it never comes back) and lip liners can be used in a nice and beautiful way. If you use it in the right way and color, lip liners only bring happiness to your life. I recently purchased my first ever lip liner (big step haha) and I chose a red one because most of my lipstick are red and it's my go-to color almost everyday! I got the 08 Red Blush from Essence because it is so inexpensive and I've seen very nice reviews on it. 
Since then I always line my lips because it makes them look fuller, it makes everything look neat and tidy with any smudges and it makes your lipstick last so much longer! It's honestly incredible.  
Sometime I only line my lips and then apply the lipstick, on those days I just want more defined lips but when I really want my lipstick to last at least a few hours, I apply the lip liner all over my lips and then apply the lipstick on top (I still press my lips on a little bit of tissue and apply some powder, that way I now my lips will be intact for hours).

I am definitely a fan of lip liners now, so if you have any good ones please leave them in the comments bellow and let me know what you think of lip liners in general!

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