Monday, December 15


This is one of the lipstick I love to wear during the colder months, especially around Christmas! It's a gorgeous berry color and a lovely formula.

Oriflame is known by having good quality products but it's not a brand that I frequently remember of (but I should). This lipstick is from their Hydra Comfort Collection and it's in the color Wine 5247. I've been loving it for a couple of weeks now (even though I have it for a long time) and I think it makes my eyes pop up and it's absolutely gorgeous for winter time.
Everyone around me knows that I adore red and berry shades but some suit me better than others. I sometimes can feel a bit awkward if I'm not 100% sure about the color but this one is just perfection. It's super long lasting but it doesn't feel dry on the lips and it doesn't make them look chapped. It stays between glossy and matte finish and that's lovely because I feel that matte finishes dry out my lips a lot but I can't stand glossy finishes..a in between is great!

What lipsticks have you been loving?

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