Monday, December 1


November is gone, so it's time to show you all the products that I loved through the month and say something nice about them. All the products are beauty related because, apart from that, I don't have much going on in my life since I've been really busy with school.

H&M Lip Balm with shea butter 
I first grabbed this because it smells incredible (sweet orange scent) and I just want to eat it everyday I have it on my lips and also because it reminds me of those glue sticks that everybody uses on primary school and I thought that was really cute. I've been using it since then and I absolutely love. It's a regular lip balm, so it's super hydrating as it is supposed to, so it doesn't seem like a big deal but I genuinely like it. *Online they only have the vanilla scent which I wasn't a fan of but I've seen two other scents in stores*

Nivea Day Cream
I've been using this cream for a while now and at first I wasn't really sure about it but I actually really liked it through November because my skin is feeling a bit dry lately, so it has been perfect for these days but I don't know if I'll still be loving it once my skin gets a bit oily again (as I said previously HERE). It's obviously a great product and I love it for when my skin is really dry, which happened this month and that's why this product is in my November favorites.

Garnier Eye Make-up Remover
This is a savior. I love my usual makeup remover, don't get me wrong but when I use more makeup around the eyes it can be a bit difficult to get my face completely cleaned, so to help I use this Garnier remover great for the eye area and my life is easier. It's very gentle, soft and fresh (as I said HERE) and really like it.

It Style Concealer
This has been my favorite concealer in a long time and that says a lot because I've tried quite a few so far. I like this product so much and I've used it so much through the last month that now it's empty. It has a good coverage and it's really easy to blend but what pleases me the most is the fact that has a bit of a highlight so it makes me look more awake and fresh (I've reviewed it HERE).

Essence I Heart Extreme Mascara and Mattifying Compact Powder
Obviously these are two completely different products but I decided to put them in the same little space because they're from the same brand. It's no secret that I like Essence very much because it has nice quality products and ridiculous prices (talked about the brand HERE).

I was so surprised with this mascara when I first tried it and I've been so in love with it that I've been using everyday non-stop. It gives a ton of volume to my eyelashes, makes them look fuller and bigger and that's what every girl wants. I wasn't expecting much of this - I don't know why - but I know I'll be repurchasing it once this one is empty. If you're looking for a volume mascara, definitely try this one and please don't be scared with the huge brush on it because it is amazing!

There isn't much I can say about this powder because it's not as an exciting product as the mascara but it does its job very well and it didn't affect my acne problems at all (which for me is so so great). It makes my skin look amazing and it also helps to maintain everything is place. I'll have to repurchase it soon too because it's in its ends. 

Have you ever tried any of these products? Which were your favorite products in November?

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