Friday, December 12


«Flawless that lets the real you come through beyond matching: fresh, breathable, natural» says Maybelline
I recently purchased this concealer because the one I was using is running out and I've heard amazing things about this one! This is in the color 20 and I thought that this  color was really dark for me but I looked into three different places and they only had this color, so I decided to take a chance.
The truth is: when I apply it, it looks a bit too dark but after it's all blended nicely, it's perfect. It's actually a great color for me and it feels like it adjusts to my skin tone: fits me! I wish it gave me more of a highlighted finish because that what I am used to but it has a pretty good coverage and blends so easily! You only need a tiny amount of product to cover your dark circles.
It lasts on my skin for about 9 hours, which is great and it doesn't creases very easily and if you apply a nice powder, it will look flawless for even longer.

Which concealers have you been loving recently?

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