Friday, December 5


I have recently found this beautiful and gorgeous eyeshadow from Estée Lauder in one of my drawers and I don't understand how I could forget about it because it's honestly one of the most amazing shades ever and it looks especially pretty around this time of the year.

When I found this gold eyeshadow in the bottom of my drawer, I took a moment to realise how I could not remember that I had it and how I got it. Imagine, it was offered to me a few years ago and at the time it didn't have any value to me, so I just put it there and forgot that even existed.

This is in the color 53 Ginger Drop and lets be honest: the name itself reminds all of us of Christmas! This is a beautiful shade - gold subtle shimmery - and I think it's perfect for an everyday makeup look and also for a Christmas party or Christmas Eve smokey eye look.
I have no idea if they still sell this eyeshadow color or if it was discontinued but if they don't, it's a shame because it is the perfect color for Autumn, Winter and the entire holiday season. I am so glad I rediscovered it and that it suits my skin tone and my eye color. Besides, who doesn't look a nice product from Estée Lauder?

Which are your favorite shades for the holiday season?

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