Friday, December 19


Spending the day in the countryside is always relaxing and amazing, there's beautiful places to see and delicious things to eat most of the times! Yesterday I spent the day in Caldelas, a small village in the North of the country, where my dad was born, and we saw a new park they opened there.

I've been here so many times and I've never seen this place! It is so amazing! As you can see, you can take beautiful pictures there, it's so quiet and relaxing.. We walked around for an hour and the all time we didn't see anyone, it was lovely. Even though it was a bit cold, the sun kept shining and warming us a little.

*thanks, dad, for being part of the background*

*I know this is not the usual picture you upload on your blog, but I just love it so much because this is who we are: funny!*

Later, we headed to town and it was so Christmassy! My mum went crazy with everything that was going on and I completely forgot to take pictures of it but I still have one to show you! We found a cute reindeer and we knew we needed a picture! Her costume was probably the warmest thing on the planet because it was so fluffy that secretly I just wanted to hug her!


We waited until all the lights were on and everything looked gorgeous and Christmassy! I had never been in Braga at this time of the year but I absolutely loved it! Me and my boyfriend also got some really hot cappuccino (Mine was caramel cappuccino and it was delicious! It is the best I have ever tried!) and we went home!

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