Saturday, November 22


If you're one of those who love to have their nails perfectly done but don't have time to sit and do nothing just waiting for your nails to dry, this product might be good for you.

I've always enjoyed doing my nails and how relaxed the process is (sometimes not so much) and waiting for my nails to dry never really bothered me but every time I'd be more busy (especially in school time) I'd rarely do my nails, which is a shame. So a few weeks ago I decided it was time for me to purchase one of these "quick dry" things out there. Firstly I thought about buying one in a spray formula but then I saw this one from Yves Rocher. Yves Rocher is always said to have nice quality products and a nice price too, so I opted for this Quick Dry Fluid.

It is a good product and it helps me a lot because I can quickly do my nails, apply a little bit of this product on each nail and I'm ready to go but I still need to be careful with "hand movements" because the nails are still a bit sensitive even before I apply the product. This dry fluid works very nicely because I still can carry on doing my normal activities but the nail polish is not dried as if you have painted it the day before (which I was kind of expecting). I'll use it every time I need to and I don't think it is a bad product at all but I may try a different one next time.

If you know a product like this is one but that works 100% great with you, let me know.

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