Monday, November 3


When getting braces, I thought my life was going to end but it's just about being patient and adaptation.

Before you decide if you want to have braces or not, think very well about it and try to understand if it's actually worth it for you because having braces usually isn't a pleasant experience. I only got braces on because I was highly recommended by professionals otherwise I wouldn't have done it.

*DISCLAIMER* This is just about how I personally felt during almost two years of my life and how most people felt. It doesn't mean that you'll go through it if you put braces on (but you probably will).

Putting them on is painless. When the day of putting them on arrived I was terrified because I had been submitted to surgery before that (because of a small problem with my teeth) and it was really painful. Once I was there, sitting, I calmed myself down a bit and realised I didn't feel any pain. Maybe a bit uncomfortable but I was just fine.

The first weeks are the worse. The days after putting them on were an absolute nightmare: my mouth was all cutted off and I was in so much pain that I just wanted to rip those things out. I regretted having them so much that all I could do was crying. Besides the pain, I hated the way I looked with them on.

You'll be fine. At first seems a bit tragic but you'll get better. Obviously some people take more time to get used to the way you feel and the way you look (I think I needed about two months and I never felt 100% comfortable). 

Extreme pain. I used to adjust my braces once a month and the week after was so painful. It's the worse time of the month. Most people are in so much pain that they can't even eat or talk or do anything really and you'll regret having them on multiple times a day during that week.

Strangulate them. And I'm not talking about braces but about those who say "I only wore braces for 3 months and it didn't hurt at all". Don't worry, they didn't need them and only used them because they thought they looked good.

"I look even worse." This will probably be your first thought when you get your braces off because you're not used to have nothing on your teeth and it may seem (only to you most probably) that your mouth is huge. You'll get used to it super quickly and you'll thank God and everyone in the world for finally being rid of those things.

It's worth it. For most people it is and they kind of forget all the pain once they take their braces off especially when they like the final results.

Do you have braces on? Did you have already? What do you think about it?

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