Sunday, November 16


Last Thursday, I went to visit the Mafra National Palace (along with more 100 people) and I loved it. We got up really early and we came home super tired but happy because it was an adorable trip even though it was only for a day.

It was 6:30am and we all were out of our cosy homes and trying to escape from the terrible rain. The minute I got on the bus I just wanted to sleep all the way until Mafra (which means a 3 hours journey) but some of my friends decided it was a great time to sing, so I didn't got much sleep.
Once we got there, we were all amazed! Most of us haven't been in Mafra before and the Palace is so huge that it's even hard to explain. We saw a theatre play of a book that we are suppose to read in the twelfth  grade, I've read half of the book so far and I absolutely loved its representation.

I think my favorite room of the Palace (of the ones we got the chance to see) was the library! It simply incredible, I've never seen such a huge and amazing library before. All the books are extremely old and people can only touch them with gloves if proved that they're doing research for college or so.
We had so much fun and we learnt and saw new things that most people don't have a chance to see. I completely loved it and it was worth it. I got home really tired and I wished I didn't have school the next day but I did and we were all back to our routines. 

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