Thursday, November 27


Many people started their blogs and after a while they decided that Youtube was the next step, so many youtubers are also amazing blogger but one thing doesn't depend on the other. I love watching youtube videos, so I thought about showing you who are my favorites!

Tess was the first youtuber I started to follow without even following her because I didn't have an account but I'd always type her name and watch her most recent videos. She's very sweet, funny and spontaneous and her videos always have amazing quality. I know I'd never be able to do what she does, recreating celebrity styles and so on, she's brilliant. 

Lauren Riihimaki (LaurDIY)
I've been following Lauren for only a few months now but she quickly became one of my favorite youtubers to watch. She's always so creative and her DIYs are always amazing and very easy to do. I love her style and the way she's on camera: sweet, funny and spontaneous (not coincidence - those are my favorite). Uploading new DIYs every week requires a lot of work and that only shows how much this means to Lauren, love her!

Zoe Sugg (Zoella)
I've been following Zoe for a year or two now and I think that everything she's has accomplished so far is an absolute dream. Obviously I know and agree that she has worked a lot to be where she's now but I also believe that luck is needed and Zoe has been very lucky. I think she's adorable and a great talker because she has the power of holding us and watch her videos until the end in every single video, which means you'll probably like instantly (at least it happened to me).

I was really sure about Niomi at first but know I love her videos. She seems a bit shy at first and that made me feel like she was keeping a distance but know she's getting more and more comfortable in front of the camera and you can see how funny and adorable she is in Marcus' vloggers (her boyfriend, for those who don't know either of them). 

Yes, the only boy on the list! I really like Marcus. He just makes me laugh everyday I watch one of his videos and I love that about him. His videos are the funniest and he has done many videos that you can relate to like "Types Of People At School". I love his personality and I think I'd get along really well because funny people are the best.

Who are your favorite youtubers? Do you like any of the ones I picked?

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