Tuesday, November 18


Lipsticks are probably my favorite beauty product (along with mascara) and when I don't have much time to do my makeup I feel like mascara and a lipstick will be good for the day (and concealer because I have really bad dark circles). I picked four lipsticks that I've been using since it started to be a bit colder and I think these will be my most used for Autumn and Winter.

(From left to right: Andreia Higicol 24, Kate Moss 111, Margaret Astor 615, Essence 04)

Andreia Higicol 24
I think the most unusual color for Autumn and Winter is pink because most people prefer the dark reds and browned tones, and so do I, but I think this pink shade is gorgeous and I love the way it makes me feel. I usually use it when the weather is really cold but it's not raining (like snowing weather even though it doesn't snow where I live). It makes me feel girly and sweet and I think it looks adorable, even for winter.

Kate Moss 111
I don't usually use this lipstick on a daily basis because the color really pops up on my lips and I think it drives to much attention to me when I'm just going to school, so I keep it for when I'm going out. This lipstick is super long lasting and it dries up my lips a bit which I'm not fan of but I should already be expecting that because of its matte formula.

Margaret Astor 615
This lipstick should probably be in the bin. I know, not a good way to present it but I have it for so so long that I can't even find it in stores. I'm not ready to say goodbye to it, so I'll keep it until I get a similar one that I love has much I love this one. It's a gorgeous red color, it feels really soft on the lips and it's long lasting too (but it doesn't dry up my lips). I use it daily and I also use it when I'm going out with a extra layer so that the color pops up a bit more.

Essence 04
This has been my absolute favorite lipstick by Essence (even though I really like their lipsticks). I think the color is amazing and very autumn looking. It's soft on the lips, it's a bit shiny (a healthy shine). It's not as long lasting as I'd like but I love it anyway. This is probably my most used one along with the one from Astor Cosmetics.

Have you tried any of these lipsticks? Which lipsticks are your favorite for A/W time?

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