Saturday, October 4


Yesterday me and my mum went to NORTESHOPPING (a shopping center that I haven't been there for 5 years at least) because a new PRIMARK store opened recently and we were so curious about it that we had to go.

Near to where I live we only have two PRIMARK stores and I definitely like this one more than the other because it felt like things were easier to find (I don't really know why).

I know, weird, but I have never seen a toilet like this! It was so cool. All the water wheels were rotating and we could hear the noise of little birds (not real ones obviously) and I was so overwhelmed that I had to show it to you.

We didn't bought many things while we were there but I am in love with the clothes that I got. I can't wait to wear them and to show it to you here on the blog.

How has been your weekend?

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