Thursday, October 9


Last week I went to PRIMARK with my mum (Shopping with my mum) and I got my hands on three little things that I showing you today. It may not be a lot but I do really love everything I got!

First things first! I am in love with this jumper. This Autumn and Winter I'm feeling like wearing a lot of white, grey and black and I don't have many white jumpers because last year I decided I wanted to go with colors so I'll have to find some pieces to make me feel super cosy. This jumper is from the kids' section because it's half of the price of a similar one I saw in the adults' section & let's be honest, it's not that small, isn't it?
It feels so cute and really soft, it remembers me of a sheep (I don't know if you can see my point there) and it is so warm! While I was taking the photos, I was feeling really hot in this, so it will be perfect for cold days.

The next thing I got was this super cute coat! Just like the jumper, this is so warm that I don't think I'll be wearing them together any time soon because the days haven't been that cold. There isn't a lot I can say about the coat, I just really like it: the color, the texture & the size of it. 

Last but not least: my new scarf (that is actually my mum's but I thinking about borrowing it sometimes - my mum doesn't know that yet ;)). I think it goes really well with the jumper and with the jacket - if I was going for a black and white outfit (which isn't that unusual). It is soft and it's just a basic scarf that I really like!

Have you been shopping lately? Which item is your favorite?

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