Saturday, October 11


Reading doesn't include only books. I love reading everything: magazines, books and, of course, blog posts and I know that reading so much helped me improving my reading and writing skills, which has been really helpful in school. Reading is something really positive for me because it has helped me in some ways and it made me get involved in new things too.

Reading has always been great to improve your creativity, even if it is a novel, because while you're reading your brain is making some kind of productive effort. Many great ideas have popped in my mind while reading and some others were inspired by it.

Every time that I am upset I know I have two options: listening to music or reading a book. Most times I listen to music (like most of us I think) because it doesn't requires attention or concentration but it makes me think about possible scenarios and bad things. When I decide to read, I know that all my concentration will be on and I'll be 100% focused on that. While reading I won't think about what has upset me and normally things will look a lit bit brighter after.

Reading blogs is something I really like doing, obviously is not every blog post that keeps me entertained but I really like knowing more about people, the way they live, their advices and the way they have overcomed certain situations. I love reading about makeup, such as new products or simply tips about it and that made want to share. Why not? We're all different and we all can learn new things from each other and that's why I started blogging.
Besides that, blogs are always there when I need inspiration and I'm lacking with ideas. It's not about copying or stealing ideas, it's about being inspired and that is always positive.

What do you think about reading? Do you like it?
(If you have read a book that you liked leave its title in the comments below because I need new readings)

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