Saturday, October 18


"Your skin is intensively nourished, moisturised and protected, leaving your skin feeling soft all day long." is said by Nivea. I've recently purchased this day cream perfect for dry to sensitive skin.

A few months back I started a treatment with Isotretinoin for my acne problems and my skin was so dry that if I didn't have a proper moisturizer, it would have flaking all day long. This day cream is a rich moisturizer (named like that) and it would've been perfect for those days and when I bought it, I thought that it would still be the one for my skin.

As the amount of Isotretinoin I take is now minimal my skin is not so dry anymore and this intensive moisturizer has become too much for my skin: it hydrates but at the same time it leaves my skin a little bit greasy (nothing too noticeable or that a mattifying powder can't fix). You only need a small amount of the product each morning, since it's more thick than other moisturizers and its smell is really light.
I have been using it along with my mattifying powder but I don't want to overload my skin because I always try to leave as free as I can. Said this I may get the Oil Free Moisturising Day Cream after this one because I know my skin will tend to get more oily once I finish my treatment and I want to prevent any further problems.

What day cream do you use?

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