Tuesday, October 21


Chunky boots are a hit for the A/W season and I think I'm developing a slight obsession but nothing too dangerous. I've recently purchased the perfect chunky boots for me!

I have been loving these boots so much! I haven't wore them many days yet because they are a really really recent purchase but I've used them for an entire: I went to school in the morning, I went to the gym (I obviously put my sneakers on by them time haha) and I even went to dinner with my mum and my boyfriend's family.

I can definitely say that these are so comfortable, I didn't feel my feet any tired (and I usually do when I wear heels for a long time) and I could walk a few more hours on them. I love high heels but I got these 7 centimeters ones because I want to be able to take them to school and I didn't want anything too much. 

I usually prefer to wear this kind of shoes when it's colder but I was so excited to share them with you that I just wore my new boots with a playsuit because it was incredibly hot today. Last week was raining so much that it seemed it was time for christmas and this week we could all go to the beach and I'm not even joking, crazy!

I found it really hard to get this shoes because here in stores there's mostly cut-out shoes and I don't see myself wearing those on a rainy or on a colder day. H&M has very similar ones but the heel is 11 centimeters long, not so great for school and it's the exact same price. Mine are from Tino Gonzalez and they were 29.99€.

What's your opinion on chunky boots? Do you like it?

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