Friday, October 24


When I started to get interested about make up, the first brand that came up on my mind was Essence Cosmetics because it is so inexpensive and the products have good quality. Purchasing a product is never a big risk because at least, if you don't like it, you didn't spend that much money on it. 

Once I've put all my products together I realized that most of my things are from Essence and this is one of my most used brands because there isn't much that I don't like.

My favorite products of Essence have to be lipsticks and facial creams. In first place, I love lipsticks and I was pleasantly surprised with the ones from Essence because they're really moisturizing. I have the longlasting lipstick in the color 04 On The Catwalk (I've reviewed it here) and the lip crayon in the color 01 Hit the road, red! from a limited edition and I love both!
The reason why I love Essence facial creams so much is because I used to have acne problems but I needed a facial cream, so it couldn't be greasy or anything. I decided to give a try to this facial cream and I loved it! I made my skin look healthier and more mattified (something that I need). Then I went through a fase where my skin was so dried up that I need some hydration for sure and I bought this one. I felt great with both of them and I felt like these were the ones that were actually helping me in years!

I also have their I love Extreme volume mascara and the waterproof eyeliner pen. I am really impressed with the mascara (got it recently) because I thought I was going to be a little disappointed as I got with the eyeliner pen. When I got the waterproof eyeliner pen, I was expecting actually waterproof eyeliner and this one is definitely not waterproof. 

Two of my products for daily basis are concealers and compact powder. I have two different concealers - 01 Matt Sand and 04 True Nude. The last one is slightly dark for my skin tone but it is perfect for when I have a tan like summer. 

If you'd like to read a review for any of the products let me know. Have you heard anything about these products?

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