Monday, October 27


For too long I thought that applying sunscreen only when I was lying on the beach was enough for my skin. When I started to have acne problems I realised that being exposed to the sun was making everything worse but applying my sunscreem at the time wasn't helping either.

Applying the right sunscreen

Every time I'd apply sunscreen on my face I never really thought that maybe I should get an actual facial sunscreen. This is really important if you have oily to combination skin or acne-prone skin because body sunscreens may be a bit greasy and make your skin even worse. When purchasing a facial sunscreen try to go for gel formulas instead of creamy ones and make sure it's oil-free.

For those who have dry skin, using body sunscreen on your face wouldn't bring you bad consequences instantly but facial sunscreen aren't usually so thick. People who have dry skin should use the creamy ones to provide some extra hydration.

Applying it everyday
Applying sunscreen everyday is so necessary because while walking on the streets we don't feel exposed but we actually are and protection our skin from the sun is really important, especially nowadays that the sun is getting more dangerous. 
If you usually don't get burned easily or the sun is not so shiny that day, you may reduce the protection factor to 15 and  not use a 50+ but make sure you always apply it.

Getting a day cream with SPF or even foundation and concealer with SPF may be a great help for those who usually forget about it or don't want to apply sunscreen or their daily basis.

Personal experience
For the last few months I've been using the URIAGE Fluide HYS√ČAC SPF50+ for combination to oily skin and it's oil-free. It's defined as "non-sticky and non-greasy" and it is said that it provides mattified skin reducing the excess of sebum and preventing the appearance of new blemishes.
This is not true. At least not entirely because it actually is a bit sticky when applying on the skin (even though you don't noticed it after a few minutes) and it doesn't give a mattified look to the skin. I can easily fix it with matifying powder because my skin is not extremely oily but I wouldn't recommend it for really oily skin. 
It has very high protection, my skin is always impeccable even if I spend the all day exposed to sun and it really prevents the appearance on new blemishes because sun may irritate the skin and existent blemishes. This sunscreen was advised to me by my dermatologist and I've been using it because I really trust her. It's not as good has it is said but it's not bad at all but I may purchase a different one later.

What do you think about sunscreen?

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