Saturday, September 20


I am a person that really likes nails and loves to take good care of them, so I have quit a few nail polishes but there are only some that I use frequently.

 Basic Cosmetics 01
Sensinity 47, 61 & 57
Lovely Girl 1004
Kiko 35

Those three nail polishes from Sensinity are probably the cutest ones because the colors are amazing and really vibrant and they smell like roses or vanilla (depending on the color) when dried, I also have a mate brown that smells like chocolate but the color is not my favorite and the smell even less (because I don't like chocolate).

In these last few months I've been loving the Kiko's one and the white one. Kiko's nail polish are the best! They last for so long and don't crack easily. The little white one is been one of my favorites since I discovered that I love white nails. It looks fresh and classic at the same time.

The blue from Lovely Girl hasn't been wore these months but I still really like him because of the pretty color on your nails (I doesn't looks exactly has it looks in the bottle, it looks better). It doesn't last as long as the Kiko's one by itself but if you apply a coat of clear nail polish on the top it will be just fine!

Which colors are your favorite when it comes to nail polishes?

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