Friday, September 12


Getting everything organized for school is difficult and blogging at the same time is even worse, so the one trick I have is making lists. Lists are your best friend when it comes to organization and I'd never survive through the years without them.

Before I actually start to organize things I write down everything I need to do that week (or that day if you're extremely busy) with no particular order and then..first things first! When it comes to school I always finish first those things that are more urgent even if I feel like not doing them.

If you take your first list and list those things by days everything will become easier, for example, if you list all the things you have to have done by each day of the week, you'll know what things you have to do first.

Depending in what time it is or how much time I have available, I'll choose what things I'll do first. You shouldn't choose something that will take you too long if don't have enough time to do it because will have to leave half of it for later and it can be difficult to focus your attention in that same thing but at a different time.

If you have a big list to conclude yet don't waste any of your time. Seriously, many times I've dispersed my attention with minimal things instead of worrying about what I was doing and later on I'd look like a lunatic to finish everything in time.

When you have a busy week, it's important to get some sleep and eat healthily. I know it's not easy because it may feel like you have no time to sleep but if you don't give your brain a break, it will break for itself, so try to sleep as many hours as you can.

These are some of the tricks I use to help stay focus and to have things done in time. Last year during school I obligated myself to organize every single day of my week and that helped so much! I even got some free time later of so organized I was. It will compensate, I promise.

What do you do to organize your time?

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