Friday, September 26


I have a love/hate relationship with sports and our relationship a few problems to solve but it has been worse in the past, so we making progresses.

People who know me well know that I hate to be forced to do something and forcing me only pushes me away even more & that's kind of what happens in school. For a few years I felt really self conscious about my body and the way I looked, so I just wanted to stay in the corner and not be noticed. Every PE lesson was a nightmare, I just wanted it to end and never be there again especially because I was not good in gymnastics, basketball or any other sports & we were being evaluated.

As I started to grow up, I thought that doing sports could not only help me with my body but it could also help me being healthier. I started to get more involved in PE lessons because my mind started to change: I started to pay more attention to what I'd eat and stop complaining about me & do something. I got involved in swimming lessons (because I've always wanted to learn) and some fitness exercises with friends.

I've been doing regular exercise for more than two years now and I do really miss it when I don't do exercise for a week or so, because sports not only make me feel healthier but make me feel relaxed too. Whenever I'm feeling nervous or anxious, I go to the gym or to my swimming lessons and I turn all those "bad vibes" into energy and in the end it feels like my problems aren't that big anymore.

What do you feel about sports?

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