Monday, September 8

Apps I Couldn't Live Without

The first day I had a mobile on my hand I never thought that I'd feel a bit lost without it in a few years. I use my mobile for everything: text messaging, taking pictures, emailing, tweeting, pointing new ideas, organize my days, etc. To properly do all of this there's some apps I couldn't live without & I decided to share them with you.

Since I found out about its existence my life as a blogger and has a blog reader became much easier. I love to read my favorite blogs late at night lying in my bed so I could never let go of this app. Besides that, Bloglovin makes your contact with other blogger easier and your blog easier to find if you're registered there.

For many time I thought that checking my email was a waste of time until I realised that I was missing a few things. People would email me and I'd only give them an answer weeks later & I'd hate someone doing that to me. Nowadays, I check my email several times a day to make sure I don't miss a thing like comments on my blog, answers to emails I've sent or even new emails.

Calendar & Notes:
I usually use a notebook to write down the things I need to do or new ideas for the blog but whenever I need to write something and I don't have my little notebook I use my Calendar and my Notes app because I know that if I don't write it, I'll soon forget it. It really helps me to organize my days and keep my head focused into what I need to do first.

Instagram and VSCO Cam:
Those who know me know I love to take pictures & edit them. I think that editing is a fun thing to do (like editing the photos for the blog) and recently I've got a bit more into Instagram and I have loads of fun taking pictures of random things and editing them with VSCO Cam which for me is the best editor out there right now.

Whenever I'm feeling a little bit low I can always find something on Youtube to make me laugh and forget about my own life for a while. I always have something fun to watch on my subscriptions and some beauty stuff too which is great because many of the youtubers I follow also have blogs so I always check both.

I used to me addicted to twitter a while back but not I don't find it that interesting anymore. Apart from that, I check twitter everyday because many of my friends contact me from there and I don't want to miss any news. I still tweet almost everyday but I don't spend as many hours there as I used to.

Which apps do you love the most?

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