Wednesday, September 10

A Lipstick for Fall | Review

Not long ago I saw this beautiful lipstick from Essence and it was so inexpensive that I thought I'd give it a try but I was not expecting much of it. I had a wonderful surprise! I was looking for a lipstick in a burgundy tone for this fall & I think this one will be most used one because I am in love with it. The color I picked up is the "On The Catwalk 04".

The color is beautiful, it's really subtle, not too bright and it doesn't dry the lips. It really complements my skin tone and the color of my eyes - I am a bit pale and bright colors and really dark ones tend to make me look weird. Besides that, it doesn't have a strange smell has some the lipsticks I own. The packaging is really simple and very classic in my opinion, I adore it.
It doesn't last as long as I would like to but it lasts longer than what I expected. So if you find any color that you like from this brand, you should really give it a try because it is awesome.

What's your favorite lipstick color for Fall?

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