Monday, September 29


When I first bought this concealer I didn't know this brand at all & I had no idea about the quality of their products but I needed a new liquid concealer so much that I decided to give it a go.

Friday, September 26


I have a love/hate relationship with sports and our relationship a few problems to solve but it has been worse in the past, so we making progresses.

Wednesday, September 24


Candles are always something Autumn comes with and this year could not be an exception. I bought this cute little candle because I felt like a needed something to make my room more cosy and warm

Monday, September 22


Hair is a part of our body that it's important for many people, including me. I really like my hair (apart from those days when my hair seems to hate me), so I have to take good care of it, if I want it to look healthy and pretty.

I use the TRESemmé Flawless Curls Shampoo & Conditioner to wash my hair and I always apply the conditioner unless I'm applying a masque because I have quite thick and really long hair (and I'm not thinking about cutting it). I've been using this system (shampoo + conditioner) for more than a year now and I don't think I'll get another one for a long time because it really works for me. As I have curly and thick hair, it can be a feel a bit heavy sometimes but since I'm using this shampoo and conditioner I feel my hair really light and soft. Besides that it helps defining my curls.

The masque I've been using since the beginning of this year is the Pantene Pro-V 2 Mins Intensive Repair Masque that guarantees hydration and protection for dry or damaged hair. During summer I used to use this once a week. As my hair isn't so dry anymore I use it once in two weeks - unless I think my hair need extra care in some situations. My hair gets super soft, really easy to brush and smelling delicious.

When I don't used the masque, after the shower I apply the Johnson's Junior No More Tangles Spray (I couldn't find the exact one I use online but I think this one is pretty similar). This spray has done wonders to my hair and it has been saving me from suffering when brushing my hair, almost crying and cutting my hair. The instant I apply this on my hair, all the tangles disappear! Don't ask me how. All I know is that it works perfectly.

What products have you been using on your hair recently?

Saturday, September 20


I am a person that really likes nails and loves to take good care of them, so I have quit a few nail polishes but there are only some that I use frequently.

 Basic Cosmetics 01
Sensinity 47, 61 & 57
Lovely Girl 1004
Kiko 35

Those three nail polishes from Sensinity are probably the cutest ones because the colors are amazing and really vibrant and they smell like roses or vanilla (depending on the color) when dried, I also have a mate brown that smells like chocolate but the color is not my favorite and the smell even less (because I don't like chocolate).

In these last few months I've been loving the Kiko's one and the white one. Kiko's nail polish are the best! They last for so long and don't crack easily. The little white one is been one of my favorites since I discovered that I love white nails. It looks fresh and classic at the same time.

The blue from Lovely Girl hasn't been wore these months but I still really like him because of the pretty color on your nails (I doesn't looks exactly has it looks in the bottle, it looks better). It doesn't last as long as the Kiko's one by itself but if you apply a coat of clear nail polish on the top it will be just fine!

Which colors are your favorite when it comes to nail polishes?

Wednesday, September 17


As a new season is coming (I'm so excited for Fall), I started to think about a few fashion items that I absolutely love, not specifically on Fall because some items I can wear the entire year.

Skater skirts
For a few years (when I was little) I thought skirts were something a bit complicated because I had to be careful that I wouldn't show too much all the time and for the little me having to sit properly and not running around was a nightmare, so skirts were a nightmare. Guess what? Things change. I have a little obsession with skater skirts and those burgundy ones for Fall...what can I say about it?

I'm a big fan of Converse but I only see myself wearing the white ones and the black ones (either high-top or not) because they're so comfortable & don't look like massive which is great because I am pretty small and big shoes look weird on me. I feel like Converse go amazing with every piece of casual cloth that I own and that's why I love them so much.

Structured Bags
In my opinion, structured bags are the best! It doesn't matter how messy it is inside, people will always think it's fabulous how your bag looks, so clean and organized, just because it doesn't have a weird shape - which usually happens to me when I'm wearing a not structured bag with a bunch of stuff.

I love a nice fragrance & I hate strong fragrances. I cannot deal with strong smells, it makes me sick, so my favorite perfumes are the subtle ones. I prefer the fresh ones rather than the sweet ones. I am a very picky person when it comes to perfumes but when I find the right one I can't let it go.

This is probably the most comfortable piece of cloth someone can have in their closet. I love wearing sweatshirts all the time and it pains me when it's too hot for that. I just feel a bit like a panda (in a good way), super cosy and warm. I wear sweatshirts to sleep, to go to school sometimes, to go for a walk... I love them & I wouldn't be the same person without them.

What's the one thing in your closet you love the most?

Monday, September 15


Today was my back to school day and I have to admit I was a bit terrified because all my friends are in another class this year so I thought I'd be completely alone. I was really nervous that I probably look like a newbie, even though I've been studying for 11 years now and I am in the last one. Turns out it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be because a friend of my boyfriend is in my class and we sit next to each other now. I don't feel so lonely but it still is a little bit awkward for me.

I am not very pleased with my Portuguese teacher, he didn't seem very nice and I still don't know how he is as a teacher but I hope he's a good explainer. In the other side, I really liked by Biology teacher, she's nice and funny but at the same time looks like someone that knows when it's time to work. I'm really excited for her classes & I hope I won't be disappointed. I still don't know what to think about my PE teacher, all I know is that I was so tired after her class that I just wanted to lay in bed and have a little nap.

Tomorrow I'll have fewer classes, so I can take that time to rest because I'm not used to my new schedules yet. I hope this year goes really well and ends really fast, even though I have no idea of what I'm going to do next year.

How are you feeling these last couple of days?

Sunday, September 14

Home Decor: Pillowcases | DIY

I have a little obsession with pillows because they're super comfortable, pretty and  make us feel cosy all the time. As the pillows decorating my bed were a bit boring and my mum had some 20 year-old skirts with cute patterns that she didn't want, we thought it was a great idea to make some pillowcases ourselves.

We did the first one manually but as a sewing machine was offered to my mum one of these days we ended our "manually" work much quicker and our pillow cases were even more perfect. Three of the pillowcases were made with the cloths from my mum's skirts but those with solid colors were made with cloths that I bought on a quilt shop for 1.95€ each piece and they were huge.

I have been loving my comfortable pillows now & I think my bedroom looks cosy and like I spent a good amount of money in decorating, when I didn't.

What do you think about pillows and my new pillowcases?

Friday, September 12


Getting everything organized for school is difficult and blogging at the same time is even worse, so the one trick I have is making lists. Lists are your best friend when it comes to organization and I'd never survive through the years without them.

Before I actually start to organize things I write down everything I need to do that week (or that day if you're extremely busy) with no particular order and then..first things first! When it comes to school I always finish first those things that are more urgent even if I feel like not doing them.

If you take your first list and list those things by days everything will become easier, for example, if you list all the things you have to have done by each day of the week, you'll know what things you have to do first.

Depending in what time it is or how much time I have available, I'll choose what things I'll do first. You shouldn't choose something that will take you too long if don't have enough time to do it because will have to leave half of it for later and it can be difficult to focus your attention in that same thing but at a different time.

If you have a big list to conclude yet don't waste any of your time. Seriously, many times I've dispersed my attention with minimal things instead of worrying about what I was doing and later on I'd look like a lunatic to finish everything in time.

When you have a busy week, it's important to get some sleep and eat healthily. I know it's not easy because it may feel like you have no time to sleep but if you don't give your brain a break, it will break for itself, so try to sleep as many hours as you can.

These are some of the tricks I use to help stay focus and to have things done in time. Last year during school I obligated myself to organize every single day of my week and that helped so much! I even got some free time later of so organized I was. It will compensate, I promise.

What do you do to organize your time?

Wednesday, September 10

A Lipstick for Fall | Review

Not long ago I saw this beautiful lipstick from Essence and it was so inexpensive that I thought I'd give it a try but I was not expecting much of it. I had a wonderful surprise! I was looking for a lipstick in a burgundy tone for this fall & I think this one will be most used one because I am in love with it. The color I picked up is the "On The Catwalk 04".

The color is beautiful, it's really subtle, not too bright and it doesn't dry the lips. It really complements my skin tone and the color of my eyes - I am a bit pale and bright colors and really dark ones tend to make me look weird. Besides that, it doesn't have a strange smell has some the lipsticks I own. The packaging is really simple and very classic in my opinion, I adore it.
It doesn't last as long as I would like to but it lasts longer than what I expected. So if you find any color that you like from this brand, you should really give it a try because it is awesome.

What's your favorite lipstick color for Fall?

Tuesday, September 9

Things That Make Me Feel Better

Today was a bit of a rough day for me and I was feeling really sad. I knew I couldn't allow myself to continue feeling like that, especially because I had visits at home. Whenever I'm feeling down there are a few things that make me feel better & I thought it would be a good opportunity to share with you my little tricks.

I know it may sound a bit weird but crying really helps me because when there's something worrying me or upsetting me, crying always makes me feel like I have less weight on my shoulders. I feel more relaxed after that and more willing to smile. Today it was one of those days. I was holding myself not to cry for too long and felt like I was about to explode. After a few minutes of a good cry, I felt way more calm and I realized that I had no reason to be in such mood.

Be with someone you like.
When you're feeling down being with someone that is trying to cheer you up by telling you a bunch of things you can do may stress you even more and make you feel more anxious. Avoid that. Usually I call my boyfriend because he's really good on calming me down. He never says "Don't cry" or "You can always do that thing" or something like that. All I need is to talk to someone or to be with someone that makes me feel safe and lets me know that will support me and my decisions. When someone offers me their help instead of telling me what to do, I feel much better and feel like I'm not alone in the world.

Drink something.
Usually drinking makes you control your breath & that always helps with anxiety. It doesn't really matter what your drinking but how you do it. Get a full glass of water (f.e) and drinking it calmly. 

Get some fresh air.
Being inside always makes me more anxious because I feel like I have no place to go, so whenever I'm feeling down, I go out and sit somewhere to get my head clean of thoughts. I try to rationally think about life and understand that whatever is going around it's not the end of the world and sooner or later everything will be fine.

Listen to music.
Such and old advice and such a great advice. Music seems to have a power among everyone in the world and when it comes to calm us down there's no difference. You don't have to listen to ballads or anything like that because to me it does nothing if I don't like it. I usually listen to any music on my mobile because I know I like it and it will cheer me up.

These are a few things I do when I need to make myself feel better, what little tricks do you have?

Monday, September 8

Apps I Couldn't Live Without

The first day I had a mobile on my hand I never thought that I'd feel a bit lost without it in a few years. I use my mobile for everything: text messaging, taking pictures, emailing, tweeting, pointing new ideas, organize my days, etc. To properly do all of this there's some apps I couldn't live without & I decided to share them with you.

Since I found out about its existence my life as a blogger and has a blog reader became much easier. I love to read my favorite blogs late at night lying in my bed so I could never let go of this app. Besides that, Bloglovin makes your contact with other blogger easier and your blog easier to find if you're registered there.

For many time I thought that checking my email was a waste of time until I realised that I was missing a few things. People would email me and I'd only give them an answer weeks later & I'd hate someone doing that to me. Nowadays, I check my email several times a day to make sure I don't miss a thing like comments on my blog, answers to emails I've sent or even new emails.

Calendar & Notes:
I usually use a notebook to write down the things I need to do or new ideas for the blog but whenever I need to write something and I don't have my little notebook I use my Calendar and my Notes app because I know that if I don't write it, I'll soon forget it. It really helps me to organize my days and keep my head focused into what I need to do first.

Instagram and VSCO Cam:
Those who know me know I love to take pictures & edit them. I think that editing is a fun thing to do (like editing the photos for the blog) and recently I've got a bit more into Instagram and I have loads of fun taking pictures of random things and editing them with VSCO Cam which for me is the best editor out there right now.

Whenever I'm feeling a little bit low I can always find something on Youtube to make me laugh and forget about my own life for a while. I always have something fun to watch on my subscriptions and some beauty stuff too which is great because many of the youtubers I follow also have blogs so I always check both.

I used to me addicted to twitter a while back but not I don't find it that interesting anymore. Apart from that, I check twitter everyday because many of my friends contact me from there and I don't want to miss any news. I still tweet almost everyday but I don't spend as many hours there as I used to.

Which apps do you love the most?

Sunday, September 7

Black & White: Little Dots | Nail Art

Today I was preparing a post for next week when I found a black nail polish. I told myself and a lot of people that I'd never paint my nails in black but today I did it. I'm not sure if I like it or not because it's not something that I'm used to. I love seeing black nails in other people, I think it looks so gorgeous and classic but I always go with the white one. Maybe because I'm a bit pale and blonde but even when I see blonde girls with black nails online I think they're amazing.
I think I may give this color a try or maybe I'll a pure black nail polish because this one has some blue reflexes.

What do you think about it & what's your favorite nail polish?

Saturday, September 6

Nice Things To Do in Fall

Fall is probably my favorite season of the year because it is cold but not too cold and we can enjoy hot drinks without melting ourselves. For this year I'm planning to do a few nice things that fall still allows us and dressing with cute and perfect clothes.

Fall is a great season to:

1. Cuddle in bed
This has to be my favorite thing to do during the cold months because I never feel like going out so cuddling in bed is perfect for me. Besides that I can stay on my pyjama the entire day and feel cosy and warm.

2. Watch nice movies with a blanket
Watching a great movie is something amazing to do and it doesn't matter how the weather is outside but watching a great movie in a cute blanket and feel super comfortable is something that is perfect to do in Fall.

3. Get hot drinks
Better than staying in bed all day or watching a great movie is doing both things and have a cup of hot chocolate or tea to drink. My favorite drink to get during Fall and also Winter in hot chocolate and kills me when I want some hot chocolate and the weather is really warm so I couldn't be more excited for this season.

4. Have a picnic
Fall is known by its colder weather but it's not that cold that we can't go outside. Some days are still very nice and having a picnic while watching the leaves falling is a common movie scene and something so fun to do in real life.

5. Layer
There's nothing better in fashion than layering and Fall is the right time to do it. I've been waiting for Fall for weeks (especially because Summer hasn't been very exciting) so that I can wear my cosy sweaters again and some ankle boots.

Friday, September 5


Before everyone forgets about the month of August, it's time to share my favorites through the month and I must say I've been loving some very random things but as usual I didn't want to choose some beauty products only if they were not on my top list.

Nice Surprises:
I've known Essence Cosmetics for a while now but I had never tried their lipstick until this summer. I've always thought that they would be dry and wouldn't last any time but I was so wrong. I own one of their lipsticks now and I the completely love it. I have been using a daily basis and I must say I am a fan. It's moisturizing, it's not very long lasting but it lasts more than what I expected so it's a plus & it's has a lovely color. The only thing that has been bothering me is that my lipstick was from a limited edition & I won't be able to repurchase it later on.

Another great surprise that I had this month was my Orange Rooibos Tea from Tetley. This may sound really weird because technically it was summer but I don't actually know where the sun and the warm weather was because it wasn't around here for sure so drinking tea at night was really cosy. It's really sweet but not too sweet which makes it love even more. You don't even have to had any sugar and it's caffeine free which is a plus for me because I don't deal very well with caffeine at night.

Makeup Must-Haves:
My trio eyeshadow from H&M is my most used beauty product since I own it. I was happily surprised when I bought them because they're really easy to blend, very long lasting and really soft. We all agree that every girl needs some nude eyeshadows and owning these three makes my life easier & my makeup process quicklier.

Eyebrows are one of the most important body parts of my face, especially because they make us prettier when well done. So one of my favorites this month was my eyebrow brush that has been helping me on my most difficult eyebrow days. There isn't much to say about a brush unless it's really soft and it does its job properly.

Hair Products:
My No More Tangles spray from Johnson's Baby has been saving my life for the last months and I think I'll repurchase it over and over again. It smells amazing and it's great quality. Nothing more I could expect from Johnson's products. I first bought it because it is made for kids and that means that is probably one of the most powerful sprays in the market! And it is.

Another products that has been helping me keeping my hair healthy and strong is my Deep Repair Masque for Normal to Thick hair from Pantene and it only takes 2 minutes which is amazing because I'm not very patient when it comes to waiting 20 minutes until I remove the product. It smells like cotton candy to me and if I could, I'd probably eat it. It also helps me with tangle problems and hydrates my hair a lot.

Have you ever used any of these products?

Wednesday, September 3

Autumn/Fall Wishlist | H&M

rings hair clip . hairband . parka . scarf . boots . skirt . jacket . sweatshirt . bag

I got way to excited with the new collection of H&M for Autumn and Winter season and I feel like I want everything they have on their stores. I decided to control myself and pick only a few of my favorite items to show you.

I have to say that the bag is my favorite of all because I know I would probably wear it everyday (even though not all my clothes go with it) and I am obsessed with burgundy color. In my opinion (and I'm being purely honest right now) if something is burgundy, it's automatically awesome.
The hair clip would look so cute with a ponytail (obviously) and that burgundy scarf, can we even imagine that? Perfection. 

As you can see I've only picked on pair of shoes but I fell in love with them. They look really comfortable, pretty, a little bit rocky maybe but you can make them look cute and sweet too. You can wear these with jeans, skirts, shorts..everything basically.

This Autumn and also Winter I'll probably be into minimalistic and basic style a bit more and enjoy using new accessories to complete the look. I've only chose one sweater that I think is really pretty and simple and a black skirt, how cute.
I have been dreaming about a olive drab green jacket for ages and H&M has three different ones, it's crazy! The cutest one (in my opinion) is the most expensive but I opted for this one that is simplier.

What's on your wishlist for this Autumn?

Monday, September 1

Nivea Cleansing Milk & Toner | Review

A month ago I would be using wipes to remove my makeup because I am a lazy person & I didn't want to take a long time removing it (even though it took me more time than it does now). Then I thought it was time to take better care of my skin if I didn't want to go back at the blemishes' days.
Getting away of wipes and buy a cleansing milk & toner is my first step!

The combination of the cleansing milk and the toner from Nivea is amazing! I got the ones from the dry to sensitive skin section because my skin gets irritated very easily and I feel like I'm in wonderland.
It removes my makeup so quickly, I don't get the area around my eyes red anymore (like I used to because I used to rub my face quite hard). Besides that my skin feels very light and hydrated after this step. To complete this I also use the toner to get my face even fresher & I must say I am in love with it.

It is easy to apply, it smells delicious, it doesn't irritate my skin and it hydrates my skin which is essential to me. So, if you're using wipes to remove your makeup, stop doing it because it is probably the worst thing in makeup world. Get some cleansing milk and toner that hydrates your skin and just be beautiful!

What do you use to remove your makeup?