Sunday, August 17

My Favorite Blogs #1

This week I've been loving to read 4 bloggers in particular & I thought I would share with the world who they are.

Zoe from sweet electric. 
Zoe's blog is so versatile. She talks about makeup, beauty, blogging tips, lifestyle tips and so much more. Every time I check her blog I find new posts to entertain myself and I read them until the end, which is really hard for me because something I get tired of reading long posts but Zoe always keeps me there till the end, amazing.

Emilie from Em's close up
Emilie's blog is so friendly. I just look at her a "girl next door" but not in a bad way. She looks adorable, friendly and just shares whatever she feels like and that is so..comforting (I don't know it that makes sense to you but it does to me). She posts a lot of different things and it's difficult not to like her blog.

Helen from The Lovecats Inc
I love Helen's blog in part by the same reasons I love Zoe's blog: I found Helen's blog through a post about blogging tips and since then I love to read it. Besides, Helen posts about food! The best thing in the world and gives us the recipes. How could that be bad? She also talks about makeup & fashion and I believe she's a cutie.

Kenza from Kenzas
First thing that called my attention was obviously Kenza's style and her hair. She's beautiful and a fashion blogger, which at first it sounded a bit boring to me because I like versatile bloggers. The thing is that she can catch us with her writing because she always looks perfect in her pictures and then she tries to be as normal as she can on the writing part and makes little jokes here and there, lovely.

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