Wednesday, August 27

Me & My Lips

Since very early my lips were so important to me and feeling that they're hydrated and healthy is really a must. I've been using some products through the last few months to see which one works best for me.

NOVIDERM Soothing Repair Lipstick 

My dermatologist advised me this lipstick because it compensates the dryness caused by some dermatological treatments (my exact case) and I must say it wasn't the most cheap one & people say great things about it. My first impression about it was not great because it smells really weird and it tastes even worse, so I thought I would eventually let it in the corner & I did. Not only because of the smell and the taste but because I felt that it lasts such little time on my lips that I would have to apply it constantly and that pains me the most. My lips didn't get that much better by the time I used it but no one did actually. I think I'll give it another chance by these days. Promise.

LABELLO Sun Protect Lipstick

I only used this lipstick when I'm going to the beach because it does protect from the sun but it has a weird texture and lets your lips really white and scary. I don't know if my lips would have survived to the beach days because I didn't applied it once and get home with my lips burning (most awful feeling). I really like the product for beach days but that is it.

LABELLO Classic Care Lipstick

Another Labello lipstick! This one I use as daily basis because it hydrates my lips, it's easy to apply and to take with you & lasts longer than the Noviderm one. I think I like this one more because it is a bit greasy so it gives you the feeling that it's hydrating and at the same time your lips are softer. It doesn't taste much better but it smells better definitely.

Vaseline Orange Flavour

I have to say this is my favorite one. Even thought it's not very comfortable applying it, it's lasts super long, it hydrates your lips crazily, it smells and tastes amazing. It has everything I could ask for a lip balm and it really works! I don't apply it as a daily basis because I don't know if I'll be able to find it again, so I use it mostly before I go to sleep and if I'm going out and I don't won't the apply lipstick constantly. Besides that, it protects from the sun which is perfect for summer time.

Tell what is your favorite lip balm and if you ever tried any of the above.

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