Friday, August 22

Makeup for Beginners

When I first started to use makeup, I thought that I needed a bunch of products to look good. Guess what? I was wrong. I learned some things from my own mistakes & now I understand that less is more.

If you're getting started, there are two products which are not very easy to mess up: concealer & mascara. Obviously you can use a BB cream or a CC cream for a bit of coverage. 

Personally, I don't use either BB creams or CC creams because I'm trying to get my skin free of everything but I can't go out without applying some concealer and mascara. It's a bit of "no makeup" makeup look & it's super casual, natural & super appropriated for school or work.
If you want to get your skin looking more soft and perfect you can use a BB cream that is easier to apply (comparing to foundation) and lighter. 

For those who are a step above, nude eyeshadows and lipstick are a great choice to complement your looks.

The mini palette I've been using for the past few days is from H&M it's absolutely adorable. I first wanted it because it's just about the colors I usually use. I use the lightest eyeshadow as a highlighter on the inner corner of my eye. The one in the middle I use all over my lid and the darkest color I use on my crease for a bit of definition. 
For these last days I have also been using the Kate Moss 111 lipstick & I'm in love with it. For the lipstick, you can choose the color you feel more comfortable using and if you want something more discreet go with peach & baby pinks, leave the reds for later.

I'm sorry about the light on the last product, it's not very observable

If you're ok with all the products above, it's time for making your eyes look bigger & this is a very easy and simple step. The only reason why I chose it as the last item it's because many people don't feel comfortable applying it or using it on daily basis. If you apply a white eyeliner pencil on your lower lash line, your eyes will instantly look bigger and lifted and that is a great thing because it will give your face a fresh look.

What do you think about these small tips & steps?

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