Friday, August 15

Lifestyle Changes to Help your Acne

Acne is very common problem among teenagers and as you know I'm a teenager & I'm dealing with this issue at the moment. My acne got quite severe so I had to consult a dermatologist because, even though the tips I'm about to give you were helping me, they were not solving my problem.

If you want your skin to look better, you need to drink as much water as you can. Drinking water is crucial because it helps to clean up your pores and hydrates your skin. Your skin will be softer and it may attenuate some of the redness. I promise you'll notice a few differences (even if small) if you start drinking at least a 1.5L of water per day.

Something that has helped me a lot is exfoliate my skin. I was just doing my life normally and that means I would not apply any hydrating cream on my skin and I would never exfoliate it. Since the very first day I started to do it my skin improved so much! Some of my spots have actually disappeared and the redness around my face was a lot better. To make this work, make sure you have the right exfoliant for you.

I know that getting out with a huge spot on your face it's the worst feeling in the world and all you want to do it's covering it up but please avoid applying concealer or foundation on your face. Obviously, I have applied concealer on my spots a few times before but it was not worth it. It only made it worst because after covering that one, another one would show up. The truth is that my skin was absorbing all the chemicals on the product and it was just getting worse.

Even then, if you want to apply any kind of makeup on your face, make sure you remove it before you go to sleep & always wash your face. Removing your makeup helps you to stop the skin from developing dead cells from the makeup product's chemicals.

Use oil-free creams and makeup products. Oil-free creams will provide your skin with a matte look & avoid the shiny one. Besides that, it will help your skin with the excess of sebum.

Always protect your skin from the sun! Use a sun cream every single time you go out, even if you're just going to school. Some people believe that tanning helps acne but dermatologists' biggest advice (it's not something that I've made up) is protecting your skin from the sun because it only makes acne get worse.

I know that sometimes you're just looking at those pimples on your face and all you want to do is squeeze them but DON'T DO IT. Squeezing them it helps you to get a infection and obviously you don't want that and you will get a small mark on your face that it may never disappear if not treated correctly.

If you ever noticed that new pimples show up every time you eat some kind of food, you are lucky because that means you can help yourself & avoid eating food that makes your acne even worse. Before I started my treatment I would get new pimples every time I'd eat greasy or sugary food, so I stopped eating it & I started getting better!

Chill out! Every time your get your nerves on or when you get stressed, your acne tends to get worse, so calm down, drink a couple of tea cups & enjoy life! Sometimes stress still gets to me and my face but I always try to calm down, it may not be easy if, like me, you get really nervous over small things!

BIGGEST ADVICE: Look for a dermatologist if your skin is being affected by acne for a long time or even if that's not that long, go get some professional advice and stop trying those "made-home recipes" that may damage you skin. Remember that every person has a different skin time and it may work for that somebody but it may not work for you! Anyways, don't stress out about it because eventually everything will be solved out.

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