Wednesday, August 20

Keeping a Diary

Last summer I decided I wanted to start writing a diary and guess what? It was a great idea. Since then I've been writing down all my thoughts & feelings and those moments that meant something to me.

Writing a diary has helped me to calm down in some situations because there are those day when you just feel like staying alone, listening to music and do nothing. When something goes wrong I always right it down and after that the situations seems way less serious and I'm not so stressed.

Besides that, when I write in my diary things that happened to me, I hardly forget it and if I do, I can always read it and bring all those memories back. Sometimes I love to read pages of days that were really happy and where I felt really good.

Even if it seems that I have nothing to write about I always try to think about my day and write what comes into my mind because I know that one day those memories will mean something to me and that I will love to read it in some weeks or even years.


  1. I absolutely love writing a diary for all the reasons you've said! But I'm really bad at keeping them up, you've inspired me to give one another go!

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    1. In the beginning it was a bit hard for me too but now I feel like it's a moment where I can just think about my life without being disturbed!

      I have already enter you giveaway a few days ago :) xx