Thursday, August 7


Hello everyone! For my July Favorites I only chose four little products that I have been loving to death. Don't forget to tell what you think about these products and which were your favorites in July.

Starting with skincare, I simply chose the best product I've found until this moment: Johnson's 24 hour Moisture body cream. This product is totally worth it, especially if you have sensitive or dry skin. My skin is really dry at the last few months and I was applying the Body Shop's body butter till I found this body cream of Johnson's. I love the texture so much, it's super easy to apply, it has a great smell and it makes wonders to your skin. It actually hydrates your skin for so long! I wouldn't say it lasts 24 hours but if I apply it in the morning, it will last till night and obviously you can apply it before you go to sleep & feel super fresh!

When my last mascara ran out, I went to Kiko's store and asked for some help so that I would choose the right one for me and they advised me the Volumeyes Plus Active Mascara. I am in love with this mascara because it gives my eyelashes such a full look and the actual plus of the product is that after a month or maybe some weeks of applying it, your eyelashes are more voluminous. You can also find another one similar but it is better for those who want longer eyelashes! You should definitely give it a try!

Few days before I went to holiday I found this lip crayon from Essence Road Trip and this collection has every thing you need for holiday: since blush & highlighter to dry shampoo but what I was actually looking for was a bright and at the same time discreet color and the fact that I found in lip crayon (which I absolutely love) was AMAZING! I've been using this lip crayon pretty much as an everyday basis because it's so beautiful and I just feel my lips way softer when I have it on. The color I'm using is number 01 hit the road, red! 

Last but not least, my favorite fragrance from the past few months: Amor Amor forbidden kiss by Cacharel. The smell of this perfume is just perfect! I'm so picky when it comes to perfumes but this one got at the first time. The smell of it isn't that strong, not that sweet and so fresh. I've been using it almost every day and I be really unhappy once it is over. It's the best perfume ever.

And these were my favorite products through the month of July & I'm wanting for your opinions!



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