Saturday, August 2

DIY: Cute Notebook (From a Jumpsuit) | Back To School

Hello everyone! The other day I was taking a look at my wardrobe & I found a jumpsuit with a funny pattern but I knew right away that I would never use that jumpsuit again, so I decided to use the fabric to decorate a notebook that I've been using for some notes about the blog. As soon most of us will be back to school, I thought that I would a great opportunity to show you how to decorate your own notebooks! So, let's get started!

All you are going to need is a notebook (1), some fabric (2), glue (3) & scissors (4).
You can use whatever notebook you want, I just used this one because I really like it but I thought that it was a bit boring. About the fabric, you can use a piece of fabric from old clothes that you're not going to use anymore or you can buy some that you like!

First: Place you notebook & decide what part of the fabric you want it to be the front cover.
I opted for one leg of the jumpsuit because it had a little pocket and I just thought it looked really cute but you can choose whatever part you want because it is your notebook!

Second: You cut the fabric in the most advantageous way for you so that it suits your notebook perfectly. Before you glue it, place the notebook again to make sure everything is where it should be!

Third: You glue the fabric onto your notebook! Make sure you glue the remaining fabric on the inside part of your notebook. 
Your cute notebook is ready to be used!

EXTRA STEP: Even though I loved my notebook already, I was feeling that it was a little bit empty! So I decided to get a little label. Obviously you can opt for doing or not this step.

If you're using this for your notebooks for school, you can make a label saying "Biology" or "History". As mine is only for notes, I made a label saying exactly that. Glue it to fabric & you have done!

I hope you liked this little decorative process & I'll..


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