Tuesday, August 12

Day at the Pool

Hello everyone! As you can tell by the photos, I spent my day at the pool and I had lots of fun until the weather decided to kick us out.

So I got up very early because I didn't want to waste any second of the day and we (me, my cousins & boyfriend) went straight to the pool: had some lunch, some fun and obviously..some diving.
As we got out of the water, the weather decided it would be really cool to bring some cold wind, so he did. We quickly left and the rain started to fall! What a disappointment! It looks like a wintry day outside and I just feel like having some hot chocolate. 

What about your summer?


  1. looks like a lot of fun - that pool looks so inviting! such a shame about the weather!

    thank you so much for the liebster award nomination, but i already did it, you can find the post here http://www.astyleshake.blogspot.co.uk/2014/07/liebster-award-nomination.html but thank you so much lovely!



  2. The pool is really great :)
    Oh it's fine! I know some of the blogs I've nominated have already done it but I just wanted you to know :) thank you for leaving a comment here xx